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Configurable Technology

Learn how our cutting edge AUS provides quick and easy access to loan updates for lenders of all sizes.

Seamless Integration

Robust integration partnerships and API-driven approach that helps create a seamless experience for your company, employees and overall operations. 

Non-QM, Non-Agency, & Portfolio

Automated underwriting that is blazing fast, extremely accurate, and compliant.

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Automated Underwriting Engine for Non-Agency, Non-QM, and Portfolio Lending.

Modern technology that provides banks, lenders, and credit unions with the ability to support non-QM, non-agency and portfolio loans with automated underwriting that is fast, accurate and compliant. 

   |  Digital Lending is an AUS product offered by Lender Price

 Digital Underwriting



Automating the underwriting process is one way to help increase margins and open the door to more loan closings.


The manual underwriting process is fraught with risk, but our AUS can assist in minimizing the likelihood that your underwriters will make mistakes.


Bring data with a high degree of accuracy directly from the source of payroll, income, and assets, and allow our algorithms to handle the rest of the process.


Allow our AUS to assist underwriters in underwriting more loans and becoming more productive.

 Our Solution

A digital underwriting engine that uses natural language processing NLP and proprietary algorithms to provide instant decisioning on loans.


automated underwriting

Reduce the risk of common mistakes made by underwriters and manual underwriting. Improve efficiency and get a very similar experience to agency underwriting engines. Receive detailed reporting that provides instant feedback and a better understanding of the borrower’s loan profile while gaining deeper insight into each loan and how to best support them with set criteria.  


Our technology can help you provide underwriting support for this growing channel and successfully bring on new non-QM products across your retail, wholesale and correspondent channels. With a rapid increase in self-employed professionals, foreign national borrowers, and a growing interest in purchasing investment properties, the appetite for non-QM loans has been growing rapidly.  


Providing full portfolio support right out of the box, our technology reduces the challenges of supporting portfolio loan programs with technology that can provide consistent in-house underwriting and effective solutions to help ensure the loans you keep on the balance sheet are protected against an audit and well documented.


Remain compliant with technology purposely built to help you stay compliant with Fair Lending, ATR and HMDA. We provide automation to help your company stay ahead of regulatory challenges. Be prepared against audits and mitigate compliance violations with technology that ensures your underwriting is consistent, controlled and transparent.

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